Oct 25, 2022

That is why we developed the Spiki approach to machine learning.

Spiki – Brain-inspired AI you can trust

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not science fiction any more, but found in many everyday life applications such as audio, video or navigational devices like smart home applications or autonomously driving vehicles. Biometric, medical and industrial use are on the forefront. Everyday life can be simplified and more convenient using devices with voice commands or sense-and-avoid technology. Spiki has developed a new approach to machine learning which makes it easier and more cost-effective for our partners to implement fully trained neuronetworks into their systems and thus offer a superiour user experience.

Making AI trustworthy

Up-to-date AI needs to combine sensing and computing for fail-safe real-time recognition and perception. Just think of a truck that is led onto an unpassable mountain road by its navigational system…  or an autonomously driving vehicle that does not detect a stop-sign. Unthinkable, right? Therefore, AI needs to be safe and reliable. Spiki offers you event -based vision sensors that feed adaptive robotics with reliable visual signals and make them react with precise responses. Speech recognition and voice command systems are the most mature applications in our portfolio. And there is no limit to other exciting use cases!

Real-time hardware, ready to use

Spiki‘s training framework and IP boost smart appliances in robotics, industrial IOT, automotive, wearables, home-automation, sensor engineering etc. We are striving for building trustworthy AI which can be deployed via microcontroller, FPGA, as a cloud service or even ASIC as a future step in our product development.

  • Power-optimized AI for video, audio and continuous sensor data
  • AI inference robust against low-quality input data
  • Cost reduction in data collection
  • Ready for third-party hardware
  • Real-time hardware building blocks for FPGA and ASICs
  • Functional and legal safety

What makes the Spiki approach better than contemporary AI solutions?

  • There is never enough data to train an AI to perfection. Spiki limits the amount of data needed. Costs for data collection are reduced. Our AI inference is robust against low-quality input data.
  • AI makes mistakes. Spiki makes AI trustworthy. We guarantee functional safety for a superior user experience, legal safety and reduced liability risks. Spiki meets the regulatory requirements for explainable AI.
  • Using AI is energy-intensive. Spiki’s AI helps you save energy and money. Spiki trains Spiking Neural Networks.We develop a power-optimized AI for audio, video and continuous sensor data. You profit from an easy to use SNN toolchain from training to deployment, ready for third-party hardware.
  • AI is too slow for real life. Spiki offers SNN inference hardware IP. We offer tailormade SNN hardware building blocks for FPGA and ASICs. This is improving yield and lowering costs for you, and you can profit from real-time hardware.

Get in touch and learn how to unlock the full potential of your appliances with Spiki’s AI you can trust.