AI you can trust

SPIKI has created a unique approach to machine learning which boosts speed and reliability of our customers’ smart processes and devices.

We offer an innovative Neural Networks IP for supervised learning. Our toolchain is tailormade for our customers’ specific needs, available for any hardware, robust within predefined parameters and can be made reliable even in a safety-critical environment.


Spiki’s Key Features

  • Power-optimized AI for video, audio and continuous sensor data
  • AI inference robust against low-quality input data
  • Cost reduction in data collection
  • Ready for third-party hardware
  • Real-time hardware building blocks for FPGA and ASICs
  • Functional and legal safety

SPIKI‘s training framework and IP are applicable for AI applications in robotics, industrial IOT, home automation, wearables etc.

Unlock your full potential
with SPIKI’s tailormade AI!