Spiki’s revolutionary voice command recognition

Nov 2, 2022

Frustrated with hard-to-use smart devices?


You know the feeling? Just bought a new, shiny smart phone but you hardly find your way through it. Endlessly clicking on icons and checkboxes makes you dizzy. You try to hit all the right buttons but it will not do what you want, and without Internet connection, it is not so smart any more.  

We feel you.  

This is why Spiki makes smart phones – or any smart device, for that matter – understand you. Our mission: make navigating your smart device easy for you. 

Spiki develops and implements easy, intuitive voice command recognition for customer-specific digital navigation needs. Why is this even necessary? 

Get out of the digital maze – with Spiki. 

Did you ever end up in a digital navigation menu without knowing how you got there – or how to get out of it again? For many elderly people, navigating a phone, let alone a smart phone, is a digital maze. You have to know exactly which functions to activate and how and where to press the right buttons. Doing this with bad eyesight or clumsy fingers can be a challenge.  

A recent study underlines the various barriers to smartphone and tablet use by senior citizens. Users of different versions of dedicated “senior mobile phones”, which have bigger buttons and a bigger display, frequently report that just reducing the buttons as compared to a conventional smart phone and arranging them all over the device does not make handling any easier. They still have to know where they want to navigate to and which buttons to press.

A smart phone should do exactly what you want it to. Always.  

We imagined it would be much easier if phones or tablets could process spoken commands to do exactly what is required. And they should do so 100 % reliably, in any circumstances. Handling any smart device with Spiki’s digital navigation is as easy as talking to yourself. Simple commands which are intuitive and do not require Internet connection help seniors, and all other smart device owners, reclaim their confidence and feel at ease with their smart device. 

Obvious commands like “call my doctor”, “switch on torchlight”, “look up weather forecast”, “open WhatsApp” or “write SMS to my daughter” are comlemented with life-simplifying functions like ringing and vibrating when asked “where’s my phone” or calling help if you call out for “help”. It goes without saying that the Spiki voice command recognition operates even in a noisy environment, or if the users suffer from speech slur.  

Without needing the Internet or any extra hardware, users have full control over their mobile phone and tablet, with their hands free. 

Spiki’s voice command recognition excels in many application areas. 

  • It works without Internet connectivity  
  • It ensures privacy of customer data  
  • It is usable in noisy environments  
  • It requires no additional hardware (e.g., Alexa) 
  • The hotword detection – shown as a red dot in the following comparative chart – is four times more accurate (99.48 % accuracy) than existing methods, even restricted to a similar model size (measured in KiloBytes): 
Spiki's model outperforms similar speech recognition models by a factor of 4.

Spiki’s model clearly outperforms similar detection models such as Google Speech Commands. Spiki’s command recognition can improve ease of use and user experience over various devices and applications, such as smart watches, home applications, switches, industrial control systems, UAVs and other vehicles.

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