Applied AI: Limitless potential for cost savings and revenue increases 

Apr 25, 2023

Huge market chances across all industries

According to a recent McKinsey Technology Trends Outlook1 on Applied AI (artificial intelligence), intelligent applications will push frontiers and set new standards in areas such as classification, prediction and control problems. Machine learning will be of integral importance across industries, the prime use cases being computer vision and natural-language processing. 

McKinsey estimate the potential global annual potential at stake from AI at $10 to $15 trillion, with supply chain management and manufacturing showing equal potential value as marketing and sales ($3 to $6 trillion), followed by service operations, product management, risk assessment, corporate finance and other possible fields of application. This potential can be attributed to expected revenue increases and cost decreases resulting from the adoption of AI. There seems to be no limit to the chances reaped by artificial intelligence. 

Huge chances for various industries 

The industries richest in opportunities from AI are, among others:

  • Information technology and electronics  
  • Telecommunications  
  • Automotive and Assembly  
  • Aerospace and defense  
  • Healthcare systems and services  
  • Agriculture 
  • Construction and building materials 
  • Electric power and utilities  
  • Pharmaceuticals and medical products. 

AI models can be used in software, hardware and electronic devices (e.g. smart home appliances), for visual simulations and pattern recognition. They can combine inputs from various sensors, thus helping to operate autonomous vehicles. Huge efficiency gains can further be achieved with the automation of manufacturing or assembly processes. Using autonomous machinery, robots and computer-vision can also enhance safety procedures and thereby mitigate risks in various processes and stages of the supply chain. There are also no limits to the possibilities of customizing products and services by using data analysis, pattern recognition and predictive tools supported by AI.

Any business can profit from the targeted use of AI. So can you! 

Take off with Spiki   

Spiki enables you to implement a fully trained high-performing neural network, ready to use on the hardware of your choice.  

Our most mature IP service is an intuitive speech command recognition for customer-specific digital navigation needs. Spiki’s command recognition can improve ease of use and user experience over various devices and applications, such as smart phones, watches, home applications, switches, industrial control systems, UAVs or other vehicles. 

Spiki’s voice recognition is offline, to keep your private details private, and requires no additional hardware. It can be deployed via microcontroller, FPGA, as a cloud service or even ASIC as a future step in our product development.  Our AI can be trained to be robust against disturbances, ambient noise or low quality inputs. 

Boost your efficiency and explore the opportunities of a tailormade AI to enhance ease of use, customer satisfaction, speed and safety of your appliances. 

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